Friday, March 2, 2012

Shad0wDrifter954 - Mods | Moved

Shad0wDrifter954-mods is now moved to Driftway Garage

Visit the new site here: LINK



  1. Hello
    My Name IS Dominic & I maKe aNew Gta Edition
    BuT I Want Some Cars From U
    1-2011 JeeP LiBerty Normal Not Tunning
    2-2011 Nissan Armada Normal Not Tunning
    3-2012 & 2004 toyota Land Crusier Normal Not Tunning
    4-2012 Bmw X1 Normal
    5-2011 Rolls Royce Normal
    6-2012 Range Rover With Dakar Zealous black accents Wheels
    & All The Cars I Wanted With Two Exhausts
    When U Done IT Put Them IN Gta Inside
    My Yahoo E_mail
    My FaCeBook E_mail
    My FaCeBook Page For GTa

  2. & All I Wanted Low RiDer ANd mAke The Wheels Big Not Small